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Mole OR More Serious?

Mole OR More Serious?

As warmer weather approaches, many of us have to urge to go outside and enjoy the beautiful sunshine!  If you have any of the following attributes please protect yourself!

  • Fair hair and skin
  • Several moles or freckles
  • A family history of skin cancer

How Can You Protect?

  • Use SPF of 30 or higher
  • Avoid long periods of direct sunlight between 10am-3pm (Rays are at their strongest)
  •  Wear  sun protective clothing such as shirt, hat, and sunglasses
  • Avoid tanning beds as UVA rays can be stronger than mid-day sun

The effects of UVA rays can be lethal if not recognized.  This article from webmd.com explains the symptoms of possible melanoma.  Unlike a normal mole or mark, a melanoma can:

  • Change color, size, or the shape of its border
  • Be lumpy or rounded
  • Become crusty , ooze, or bleed

If you or a loved one have a mole or mark that you are concerned about, please see a doctor.  Dr. Jennifer Ackerman, Dr. Michael Ackerman, and Dr. Robert Lin of Dominion Internal Medicine are experts in their field and will be able to check your skin for possible melanoma and if suspicion arises they will perform a biopsy.  Please contact us today @ (540) 878-5408 to speak with a specialist or simply for more information.  Most insurances accepted.

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